Cross & Gavel Podcast

The Cross & Gavel podcast is a bi-monthly podcast geared toward lawyers and law students. Host Mike Schutt invites a variety of guests to speak on topics at the intersection of faith and work, particularly work in the law.

In addition, the podcast features episodes relating more broadly to faith and culture, from book reviews to current cultural trends and topics in the news.

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You’ll can listen to some of our favorites on this page, or you can subscribe on iTunes or search “Cross and Gavel” on any podcast app. Find most episodes archived here. If you enjoy the podcast, leave a comment and rating on iTunes, and comment on the show’s comment platform. If you have suggestions or comments, Mike Schutt would be glad to hear from you by email.

Recent Podcasts

CEO David Nammo talks with AM Director Mike Schutt about Laywer's Habits and Practices:

Rockstar bookman Byron Borger talks recommendations on politics and political theory:

Professor John Inazu on "Confident Pluralism":

Brad Abramson and Mike Schutt discuss ABA Model Rule 8.4: 

Center Director Kim Colby on why religious liberty is good for everyone: 

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